Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Fits Air | 4R- EXM | McDonnell Douglas MD-82F | VABB / BOM / Mumbai, India.
Roaring his Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines and rocketing out of Mumbai for Colombo with loads of cargo.

A cargo airline with only one, 25 Year old aircraft MD-82 is based at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It is a code share partner of Sri Lankan Airlines for carriage of cargo on its schedule routes.
This aircraft can carry a total cargo load of 30-35 tonnes in total with 5 main deck pallets and lower bulk hold.
This single aircraft with a total crew of 8 in rotation flies on the routes such as Male, Dhaka, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangaluru and Lahore from Colombo.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018


Image Courtesy: GE

Here are some amazing facts about the world’s biggest General Electric GE-9X turbofan engine developed on the lines GE-90.

  • GE-9X is being developed as the heart for Boeing 777-X which will be in the market after 2019.
  • It is 10% more fuel efficient then elder brother GE90.
  • Pressure ratio is 61:1. It compresses 61 parts of air into 1 part. Having the highest compression ratio.
  • Bypass ratio is 10:1. Means 1 part of air will go into the core engine for combustion and to drive the parts, rest of the air will pass outside of core engine for thrust.
  • Its fan diameter is 11.1 feet, which is 5 inches bigger than GE90. This fan has only 16 blades, where as GE90 has 22.
  • GE9X has 11 compressor stages, where as GE90 has 9.
  • GE9X produces takeoff thrust of 1, 05,000 lbs.

GE 9X attached as #2 engine on a Boeing 747 for flight testing. 
Image Courtesy: GE

With every factor on the highest side, the price of a single engine too...a whooping of $ 22 million.

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Monday, March 5, 2018


  Air India | VT-ESP names AJANTA | Boeing 747-400 | VABB / BOM / India.
Maharaja on short final ILS runway 09.

As an airline employee, how many emergencies you handle in a year? Two, may be Five, maximum Ten. This is all about the Airport which handles the most emergency landings in the World.

It's not London, Atlanta, New York or Los Angeles to name the busy few. Let's introduce BANGOR AIRPORT, MAINE, NEW ENGLAND, USA.

IATA code – BGR and ICAO code = KBGR handles security related, fuel, weather, medical and mechanical related all inclusive of more than 1000 emergency landings in a year.

This airport is geographically perfectly located in the state of New England which is the North East corner of USA, so any aircraft heading West over Atlantic and arises with any emergency has Bangor as a nearby alternate.
Equipped with a 3500m of runway, it can handle all types of aircrafts from Passenger, Cargo to Military.

PAN PAN PAN or MAYDAY MAYDAY call outs on the radio will be very common to this ATC.

On top of emergency landings, Bangor also handles schedule refueling to some 10,000 trans-Atlantic flights a year to continue their onward journey.

It’s unplanned arrivals that earn this airport its reputation.

All staff are “cross-trained” so that even the chap cutting the lawn alongside the runway could be on-hand in minutes to provide emergency maintenance to an aircraft.

“Every job has its stressful days and moments, especially in this industry.”

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Kenya Airways | 5Y-CYC | Boeing 737-86N | VABB / BOM / India.
Morning sunlight glaze on this colourful bird.

Sun was just above the horizon on one fine Sunday morning and suddenly runway 14 at Mumbai was made operational. I clicked this colourful 'The Pride of Africa' arriving late from Nairobi.

The range of Boeing 737-800 is maximum near 2900 nautical miles. The Great Circle Distance between Mumbai and Nairobi is about 2600nm stretching its 737's to its max possible range on maximum payload twice daily to Mumbai, India.
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Monday, February 26, 2018


Jet Airways | VT-JBS | Boeing 737-85R | Over Arabian Sea | Indian Airspace.
Blue sky and mix type of clouds with a windy monsoon climate.

The vertical surface or a bend of the wingtip is called a WINGLET.

During the flight there is a High Pressure of air below the wings and Low Pressure of air above the wing. High pressure air from the bottom of the wings escapes around the wingtip, moving up towards the lower pressure area on the top of the wing. This causes decrease in efficiency of the wings by increase in drag and decrease in lift. Winglets prevents this mix of air pressures which gives efficiency of wings from root to tip.

Boeing calls it WINGLETS and Airbus has named it SHARKLETS which are saving approximately 6% of fuel on a passenger aircraft. 

Besides increase performance, increasing range and decreasing fuel burn, WINGLETS also make an airplane look COOL.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018


Jet Airways | VT-JBS | Boeing 737-85R | VABB / BOM / Mumbai, India.
Clicked that perfect moment of touchdown when wheels kiss the ground and speed-brakes extends above the wings.

Speedbrakes are also called Spoilers. It's a secondary control surface which extends above the wings to create drag. This helps to decrease the speed and simultaneously reduces the lift of an aircraft by disrupting the airflow above the wings.
These spoilers extends on the selection of pilot and also automatically by the designed computer input.

Uses of Speedbrakes:
During rejected takeoff to decrease the speed rapidly.
During descent of aircraft to quickly reduce the speed and rapid descend.
During banks and turns, the spoilers get extend above the wing which is going down.
Upon Touchdown to decrease the speed rapidly and reduce the landing roll.

So next time when you get a window seat with a wing view you will have a better idea how speed and descent is controlled by your Captain.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Do You Know Why Travelers are Given Sweet Tamarind Candies on Jet Airways Flights?

You have definitely had sweet tamarind in meals while traveling on Jet Airways flights. Jet Airways’ inflight meals include sweet tamarind (imli) on all routes within the airline’s global network. Serving sweet tamarind candies on board has been a practice for the past 20 years or so. Do you ever wonder why travelers are served sweet tamarind on all Jet Airways flights?

Well, it is known that tamarind is full of good health properties. It helps prevent digestive problems and throat infections. It benefits those having stomach discomfort. It works also as an antidote to heat stroke. Moreover, tamarind is a good source of vitamin C. Tamarind intake curbs airsickness or jet lag during long-haul flights, according to leading health experts. Undeniably, these reasons are good enough for Jet Airways to add sweet tamarind candies in inflight meals.

Why sweet tamarind candies are served on Jet Airways flights has another strong reason. Tamarind is good for prevention of retraction that is bulging of ear drums. Some travelers experience it during takeoff and landing. Difference in air pressure levels outside the ear and the middle ear cavity causes bulging of ear drums, at changing altitudes during a flight. Sweet tamarind candies trigger salivation, thereby causing frequent swallowing, which helps equalize air pressure levels between the outside ear and the middle ear cavity to prevent retraction.

Motion sickness is common to some travelers during takeoffs and landings. It causes a sinking feeling in the stomach. Preventing motion sickness is among the health benefits of tamarind intake. In addition to this, tamarind reduces nausea, which is also a common symptom of inflight sickness.

Some inflight chefs opine that passengers of Jet Airways flights are given sweet tamarind candies instead of mouth fresheners because tamarind is cheaper than any good quality mouth freshener cost wise. Since travelers began to like the tangy and sweet flavor of tamarind candies, it was made an integral part of all meals on Jet Airways flights.

Excellent Idea all the way round.

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