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From centuries, Ahmedabad is titled as the ‘Manchester of the East’ due to concentration of industries which make it a city with largest manufacturers of India. Textile goods, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy machinery and engineering spares are the main items which get exported from Ahmedabad.

It’s a very good plan and initiative by the International Cargo Airlines coming to India which have open up and developed a new cargo destination AHMEDABAD ( AMD / VAAH ), India.

Ahmedabad is important as a only international airport within 550km radius and also the only international in the State of Gujarat. It has one of the best obstacle free and ILS equipped runway with a length of 11,808ft capable of handling the Jumbo - Boeing 747 along with wide Apron facilities. Geographically also, it is centrally located between Africa, Middle East and Far East international routing.

Till recent times, the routing of international cargo followed was, The Domestic Airlines used to transport the cargo in small consignments to Mumbai or Delhi and then further connecting it to Foreign Cargo Airlines for export, and vice versa for import. The cargo was carried as a bulk load, segregated according to destination and then packed on the designated pallets / containers for export.

Past one year,
Qatar Cargo was the first carrier to add Ahmedabad on its network. Weekly twice the Airbus A330-2F is making a triangle route of Doha – Mumbai – Ahmedabad - Doha . 
Similarly Emirates Sky Cargo has made a routing of Dubai – Mumbai – Ahmedabad – Dubai.
Etihad Cargo gave a stopover to its Delhi – Abu Dhabi flight which is now via Ahmedabad.
And now, just weeks back a leading cargo carrier of Africa – Ethiopian Cargo also commenced its operation to Ahemdabad. Hong-Kong - Addis Ababa will now fly Hong-Kong  - Ahmedabad - Addis Ababa with its Boeing 777-2F. Which makes a total of 5 cargo flights weekly.

In total the direct import and export of International Air Cargo through Ahmedabad Airport is now par 200 tonnes per week.

With 06 parking bays for cargo aircrafts (Above CODE-C type), less air traffic congestion, there is just a need to upgrade and expand the Air Cargo Terminal capable of handling Perishables and Dangerous Goods also. This will help to reduce the delay of cargo in and out of Ahmedabad and also decrease the cargo traffic load and congestion at Mumbai and Delhi. 
Ahmedabad can and will rise as an excellent cargo hub of India in future.

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