Monday, April 3, 2017


The airlines of India are planning their future in which direction? Can’t predict.
The Summer Schedule 2017 has commenced and we have seen that Indian carriers have not started even a single new route which can be a great convenience to the passengers in reaching their desired destinations and also a lucrative business for themselves.

Gulf carriers are always in the race for slots into Indian Airports. They are also operating bigger aircraft's on their current slots hence increasing their passenger carrying capacity. One of the Gulf carrier has been nicknamed as UNOFFICIAL NATIONAL CARRIER OF INDIA.

On the other hand European carriers have also deployed their bigger aircraft's on Indian routes. An EU carrier having 2 slots daily into Mumbai (BOM) and now his sister concern has commenced operation too. The same family is earning from 900 passengers a day.

African carrier’s have no competition at all from Indian carriers. 2 of the African carriers bring 5 flights daily to India whereas Indian carriers operate none. An emerging carrier from Africa will also commence operation to Mumbai soon. So it's a count of 3 carrier's and 6 flights a day. These sectors are always highly priced based on demand.

Except our National carrier who opened some new routes in the near past. None of the other carriers have a lead.
-        One is happy increasing shortest possible domestic routes.
-        The second is just flying internationally based on what his mentor wants him to fly.
-        Third is delaying its International Operations due to the ongoing design deficiencies of Airbus A320 Neo engines worldwide.

Still Indian carriers have many more destinations on the globe to explore if they want to. Why, even after being able and having so much potential we are unable to rule the routes is a question worth considering.
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