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Do You Know Why Travelers are Given Sweet Tamarind Candies on Jet Airways Flights?

You have definitely had sweet tamarind in meals while traveling on Jet Airways flights. Jet Airways’ inflight meals include sweet tamarind (imli) on all routes within the airline’s global network. Serving sweet tamarind candies on board has been a practice for the past 20 years or so. Do you ever wonder why travelers are served sweet tamarind on all Jet Airways flights?

Well, it is known that tamarind is full of good health properties. It helps prevent digestive problems and throat infections. It benefits those having stomach discomfort. It works also as an antidote to heat stroke. Moreover, tamarind is a good source of vitamin C. Tamarind intake curbs airsickness or jet lag during long-haul flights, according to leading health experts. Undeniably, these reasons are good enough for Jet Airways to add sweet tamarind candies in inflight meals.

Why sweet tamarind candies are served on Jet Airways flights has another strong reason. Tamarind is good for prevention of retraction that is bulging of ear drums. Some travelers experience it during takeoff and landing. Difference in air pressure levels outside the ear and the middle ear cavity causes bulging of ear drums, at changing altitudes during a flight. Sweet tamarind candies trigger salivation, thereby causing frequent swallowing, which helps equalize air pressure levels between the outside ear and the middle ear cavity to prevent retraction.

Motion sickness is common to some travelers during takeoffs and landings. It causes a sinking feeling in the stomach. Preventing motion sickness is among the health benefits of tamarind intake. In addition to this, tamarind reduces nausea, which is also a common symptom of inflight sickness.

Some inflight chefs opine that passengers of Jet Airways flights are given sweet tamarind candies instead of mouth fresheners because tamarind is cheaper than any good quality mouth freshener cost wise. Since travelers began to like the tangy and sweet flavor of tamarind candies, it was made an integral part of all meals on Jet Airways flights.

Excellent Idea all the way round.

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  1. Air India used to serve tamarind toffees long, long before Jet Airways even came into existence.