Saturday, February 24, 2018


Jet Airways | VT-JBS | Boeing 737-85R | VABB / BOM / Mumbai, India.
Clicked that perfect moment of touchdown when wheels kiss the ground and speed-brakes extends above the wings.

Speedbrakes are also called Spoilers. It's a secondary control surface which extends above the wings to create drag. This helps to decrease the speed and simultaneously reduces the lift of an aircraft by disrupting the airflow above the wings.
These spoilers extends on the selection of pilot and also automatically by the designed computer input.

Uses of Speedbrakes:
During rejected takeoff to decrease the speed rapidly.
During descent of aircraft to quickly reduce the speed and rapid descend.
During banks and turns, the spoilers get extend above the wing which is going down.
Upon Touchdown to decrease the speed rapidly and reduce the landing roll.

So next time when you get a window seat with a wing view you will have a better idea how speed and descent is controlled by your Captain.

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