Monday, February 26, 2018


Jet Airways | VT-JBS | Boeing 737-85R | Over Arabian Sea | Indian Airspace.
Blue sky and mix type of clouds with a windy monsoon climate.

The vertical surface or a bend of the wingtip is called a WINGLET.

During the flight there is a High Pressure of air below the wings and Low Pressure of air above the wing. High pressure air from the bottom of the wings escapes around the wingtip, moving up towards the lower pressure area on the top of the wing. This causes decrease in efficiency of the wings by increase in drag and decrease in lift. Winglets prevents this mix of air pressures which gives efficiency of wings from root to tip.

Boeing calls it WINGLETS and Airbus has named it SHARKLETS which are saving approximately 6% of fuel on a passenger aircraft. 

Besides increase performance, increasing range and decreasing fuel burn, WINGLETS also make an airplane look COOL.

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