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  Air India | VT-ESP names AJANTA | Boeing 747-400 | VABB / BOM / India.
Maharaja on short final ILS runway 09.

As an airline employee, how many emergencies you handle in a year? Two, may be Five, maximum Ten. This is all about the Airport which handles the most emergency landings in the World.

It's not London, Atlanta, New York or Los Angeles to name the busy few. Let's introduce BANGOR AIRPORT, MAINE, NEW ENGLAND, USA.

IATA code – BGR and ICAO code = KBGR handles security related, fuel, weather, medical and mechanical related all inclusive of more than 1000 emergency landings in a year.

This airport is geographically perfectly located in the state of New England which is the North East corner of USA, so any aircraft heading West over Atlantic and arises with any emergency has Bangor as a nearby alternate.
Equipped with a 3500m of runway, it can handle all types of aircrafts from Passenger, Cargo to Military.

PAN PAN PAN or MAYDAY MAYDAY call outs on the radio will be very common to this ATC.

On top of emergency landings, Bangor also handles schedule refueling to some 10,000 trans-Atlantic flights a year to continue their onward journey.

It’s unplanned arrivals that earn this airport its reputation.

All staff are “cross-trained” so that even the chap cutting the lawn alongside the runway could be on-hand in minutes to provide emergency maintenance to an aircraft.

“Every job has its stressful days and moments, especially in this industry.”

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