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Image Courtesy: GE

Here are some amazing facts about the world’s biggest General Electric GE-9X turbofan engine developed on the lines GE-90.

  • GE-9X is being developed as the heart for Boeing 777-X which will be in the market after 2019.
  • It is 10% more fuel efficient then elder brother GE90.
  • Pressure ratio is 61:1. It compresses 61 parts of air into 1 part. Having the highest compression ratio.
  • Bypass ratio is 10:1. Means 1 part of air will go into the core engine for combustion and to drive the parts, rest of the air will pass outside of core engine for thrust.
  • Its fan diameter is 11.1 feet, which is 5 inches bigger than GE90. This fan has only 16 blades, where as GE90 has 22.
  • GE9X has 11 compressor stages, where as GE90 has 9.
  • GE9X produces takeoff thrust of 1, 05,000 lbs.

GE 9X attached as #2 engine on a Boeing 747 for flight testing. 
Image Courtesy: GE

With every factor on the highest side, the price of a single engine too...a whooping of $ 22 million.

HQ Link - GE 90

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